We Are Back In Business – No More Working From Home

We are back in business and our Artistic Controls office is open. As Klang Valley moved to Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan  we see lots of business and premises slowly opening and back in business. Construction and service sector have been open since September and now following the NRP guideline more are allowed to open with phase 3 National Recovery Plan.

Now that all of us is fully vaccinated and with 14 days quarantine period done, we are glad to be back to office to work as normal following SOP guideline like wearing mask and regularly wash hand.

Since last year we have migrated all our files and folders storage from our own office server to Dropbox Business for cloud storage. So working from home is no stranger during the lock down. Sharing files with Dropbox help a lot during working from home as we can access to worksheet, documents and sales data easily and collaborated with team.

Our thought On Working from Home

As an Audio Visual Sound and Light company we like many other non-essential company we were force to close during the lock down of the Movement Control Order and all of us have to working from home. We have to rely on tool like our trusted laptop (that contain most of the working files), Zoom Meeting software for team collaboration and meeting with client and Dropbox for Business for team files sharing and storage.

But not all of us are able to work from home effectively. And not all of us have the work from home experience before the pandemic hit.

What’s the reason? For one thing, we find that the executive level like the sales teams and engineers who rely on the laptop to prepare quotation and do design work they can easily adapt to this new norm. But the second group like the sales support and technical support where they either need to go to site most of the times or rely on office Desktop as the main working computer to do the work.

Some of them lack proper home working space and working environment making it difficult to be productive. Even though they given the guide in setting up proper home-based working but nothing beat working in office. And they don’t have proper desktop at home with the right software installed. Also they are not allow to connect their home computer to Business Dropbox for files sharing.

Laptops are convenient unless the company are willing to invest on this, and there’s a big difference between having the option to use one occasionally and having to rely on one all day, every day.

Internet connectivity is also questionable and slow. You’re in the middle of a video-conference with your customer when all of a sudden, your Wi-Fi connection drops.

But there are some things they say they miss is that to be able to be with actual products and setting up with control desk.

Remote working is compromising productivity and is therefore not workable in the long term.

To become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side-by-side. That is why it is critical that we are all present in our offices. … Speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home.

Anyway we welcome the opening of the economy and this allow us to perform and provide better support to Audio Visual industry.

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