Production Studio with Green Screen

New production studio with fixed green wall was setup to produce content for news and product review. The new and yet to be named studio was timing as more and more people looking for ways to produce content with proper lighting and green screen.

The need to have LED light as cyclorama light for the green wall backdrop is important to separate the object and the backdrop. The green wall act as a chromakey green screen is to facilitate video shooting production with special effects through the chromakey process, a camera effect in which a green background is removed or made transparent to reveal a background video or images.

Artistic Controls supply and install LED panel Soft light and control panel. With the complete solution to the studio lighting setup the operator can easily control the lights together with their existing studio lighting.

Zero 88 Juggler provide easy and fast lighting setup and can controls more than 12 fixtures at a time. The DMX distributor were installed to enable the studio lighting to be connected into one lighting system.

We cant wait to see how is the real content production soon.

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