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Media Prima NTV7
NTV7 has changed to DidikTV KPM. Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin On 17 February has launched a special terrestrial education TV channel, DidikTV Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia or DidikTV KPM. This channel will replaced NTV7 as the new educational channel DidikTV KPM.

DidikTV KPM is a strategic commercial collaboration between Media Prima and KPM to increase the access of quality education to students nationwide, given Media Prima’s extensive reach within Malaysia across traditional and digital media, and its quality content production capabilities

This channel is currently occupied by Ntv7, which will be rebranded as the above-mentioned educational programmes takes up majority of the channel’s airtime.

Ntv7 was launched in 1998 boasting of “feel good channel” shows. It was acquired by Media Prima in 2005, which also has TV3, 8TV and TV9 under it.

This change marks a major overhaul to Malaysia’s second-oldest private television channel.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced the launch of DidikTV, an educational network for the SPM curriculum and co-curriculum. It will be available on channel 107 on MYTV, 146 on Astro and NTV7 on Unifi TV.

What will happens to NTV7?

Media Prima Bhd has clarified that NTV7 television stations will still be around and has not ceased operations.

Responding to reports that the station would no longer continue operations following the launch of new education channel DidikTV Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (DidikTV KPM), the company also stressed that there has been no change in ownership of the television channel.

It said the launch of DidikTV KPM is a strategic commercial collaboration between the Education Ministry and Media Prima to boost access to quality education to students nationwide.

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NTV7 1998 to 2021

Artistic Controls has been working on and off with NTV7 directly and indirectly to supply and install studio ligthings and ligthing accsessories. The station is one of the private TV station that has been around for many years.

We also has good fond memory watching NTV7 Feel Good channel like cartoon Doraemon, Ultraman and not forgetting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire program. It is really goodbye childhood TV channel.

Sources : The Star

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