ACCCIM Meeting Room

Install Bosch Conference System At ACCCIM Ampang

The ACCCIM Ampang main meeting room needed an upgrading of the Audio Conference System. For this project we work closely with GVS Technology to supply and install Bosch CCS900 series Conference System.

Since they are already using existing Bosch system we just added more delegate microphone sets and a chairman unit to the existing system.

Bosch CCS800
Existing System – Bosch CCS800

The CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System from Bosch brings order and convenience to small and middle‑sized gatherings and conferences. The CCS 900 Chairman Unit lets the chairman manage and record the proceedings. The chairman unit has a priority button and it has an attention tone to mute delegate microphones.

GVS Technology is responsible to add Video Conference system using ClearOne PRO with UNITE PTZ camera displaying remote, local and presentation slides on Multiple TVs and projector Screens. Merging audio of two adjoining meeting rooms into one large conference room where all conference microphones, speakers and wireless microphones are integrated using the ClearOne Converge Pro digital signal processor.

Bosch Conference System audio out link to ClearOne Converge Pro to combine or separate based on the meeting room set-up.

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