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ADB Stagelight Begin Phasing Out Halogen Fixtures and Control Desk

ADB Stagelight has beginning to phase out their halogen luminaires and lighting control desk starting mid January 2020 and will stop production of this category by end of March 2020.

They will now focus on ADB product line more to ADB dimmers and LED fixtures ranges in alignment with ADB vision towards tradition and innovations.

All orders for the halogen fixtures and control desk must be make before March 31st to a pre-defined quantity. For the after sales service and spare parts for the phased-out product will still be guaranteed by ADB. Technical documentation will continue to be available from ADB website.

We notice that the fixtures and control desk has been removed from the ADB website since January 28 and we will also start to update the ADB product range with LED fixture and dimmers in our website and catalogue.

For more information please visit ADB announcement here.

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