Zero 88 ORB Control Desk in UiTM Convention Center

Zero 88 ORB in UiTM Convention Center

Zero 88 ORB Control Desk in UiTM Convention Center
Zero 88 ORB Control Desk in UiTM Convention Center

We are proud to announce that the Zero 88 ORB Control Desk has arrived in Malaysia. This unit will be installing at UiTM Convention Center in Shah Alam. UiTM Convention Center is due to complete by this year will be the first Convention Center in Malaysia to use the Zero 88 ORB Desk.

UiTM Convention Center has 5 x SGM Moving Heads and 96 channels Dimmer and in the future the hall will be equipped with many LED spotlight. Thus using Zero 88 ORB will be ideal as it can be use as theatre desk and entertainment desk.

Zero 88 ORB is an advanced theatrical lighting console with 2048 channels for generic and moving light control.

Ever since the launched of ORB Control Desk in late 2008, it has been specified by Lighting Designer and successfully used during the production show of “What’s Wrong with Angry” in King Head Theatres UK and “In the woods” in The Landor Theatres UK.

The ORB has been designed for 21st century theatrical lighting control. Extensive market research and customer feedback has driven the design of the ORB. The ZerOS software suite which underlies the Orb’s operating system has been tried and tested in leading entertainment controllers, the Leap Frog and Frog 2. The ZerOS software has now been adapted to meet the stringent requirements of theatrical lighting designers and programmers in the 21st Century.

The 2048 DMX control channels offered by the ORB allows users to control multiple LED fittings, intelligent lights or media servers controlling video, as well as the standard generic dimming systems common to theatres and television. All of these devices are programmed through intuitive user interfaces incorporating custom designed encoder wheels, multiple playback stacks, user definable keys.

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