Yamaha Dealer Meet 2019

Yamaha CA Dealer Meet 2019

This year Yamaha Malaysia organized annual dealer meet for Commercial Audio (CA)  on 20 August 2019

The anticipated annual meet where Yamaha dealers and distributor meet for a gathering and update of the Yamaha CA products was held at Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar Shopping Center.

My Satohiro Kondo the new MD of Yamaha CA give an opening speech with this year theme Make Waves 1.0 for new medium-term management plan for year 2019 – 2022. To develop closer ties with customers and society and boost value creation capabilities.

Yamaha StagePas 1K

On this occasion Yamaha introduce 2019 new products line up range DZR series, DXS XLF series, CZR series, CXS XLF series, VXC series and VXL series and stagepass 1K portable PA system.

The new STAGEPAS 1K consists of a 12″ subwoofer and an array speaker paired with a 1000W amplifier. It also features a 5-channel integrated mixer with bluetooth playback. The STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that allows you to quickly and easily transform any location into your stage.

The best part is it end with good dinner and get together with all friends.

Yamaha Dealer Meet

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