Wisma BSN Auditorium – AV Service and Maintenance

Wisma BSN Auditorium is a fully utilized auditorium with corporate affairs activity and for monthly Cabutan BSN SSP. The Audio Visual system was installed in 2015 by Artistic Controls and has since been providing AV service and maintenance to the Auditorium. The maintenance covers all key AV equipment, including LED Panel Screen, LED stage lighting system and sound reinforcement system.

Since the Covid pandemic outbreak the auditorium has been closed for many months and now with the relaxation of the lock down the management has decided to re open the Auditorium. Artistic Controls was called to carry out the service and maintenance to get the AV System to operate at peak performance again. The ongoing maintenance support is crucial to safeguarding performance and maximizing effectiveness.

Start With General Service

One of the problem with the equipment in the equipment rack, loudspeaker and spotlight is the dust that gather over time. If the dust is not remove regularly it will create intermittent problem later on. That is why first thing  in our service and maintenance is to carry out general cleaning using vacuum cleaner and brush to remove dust as much as possible.

Next we check and inspect equipment rack for any loose cable and loose connection. More often than not if the rack is not access for too long while it is still working but once you touch it is will not work due to loose connection somewhere. We do not want this to happen in the future.

Summary of of what we do during the service and maintenance call :

  • General Cleaning and remove dust
  • Check all cables & Connectors
  • Check Software & Firmware updates
  • Check Picture alignment & Calibration
  • Check all cables, DMX and Microphone panel, connectors & plates
  • Repair / replace any faulty items like indicator and limit switch.
  • Check Usage and provide report on the item that need to be change due to wear and tear.

Service and Maintenance for LED Panel Screen

The 5m x 3m LED Panel display is the most used AV asset as this is the only large screen display in the auditorium. So it is important to ensure that it can be power up properly and will not have partially black out or with difference color line in between.

Wisma BSN LED Panel Display
Wisma BSN LED Panel Display

Many of the issues that affect the performance of LED panels are universal to all LEDs, such as flickering, glowing, burnout and buzzing.

We will check each LED video display module graphics card settings are still properly set. Next we checked all connection of the system the communication line cable, the connection between main control card and power supply module.

Two of the common LED display problem.

1. No Displaying on Single LED module or a row of module.
This is probably due to power supply module faulty that affect the rest of the power looping. Solution is to changed the power supply module.

2. Single Pixel Missing, or a row of line in different color
This is due to LED lamp break down. Need to replaced the whole module and repair or change the LED lamp.

Overall LED Display need to power up regularly and check for all this defects. As the performance of LED panels are universal to all LEDs once there is problem like mention above we will response within 24 hours to get this fix as part of our agreement contract.

Service and Maintenance For Stage Lighting

The Auditorium has been design to use LED Spotlights and Moving head as part of the Stage Lighting System. In the past, tungsten lamps used in stage lighting needed regularly replacing, colour gel filters get replaced and fuses in dimmer systems checked.

But since high-spec LED lighting systems are built to last on average between 50,000 and 60,000 hours but a lot of time electronics behind the LED source fails prematurely and this can be down to cooling fans not been cleaned.

First things we did was to vacuum clean the dust from each fixtures at rig level. Some time we used a damp cloth to remove dust from dirty spotlight. We used scaffolding for this job to clean the spotlight and also carry out rigging inspection since we are at the level.

Then we check power socket outlet and electrical DB to ensure there is no earth leakage. The electrical supply should be periodically checked, normalize annually, to ensure correct fusing, continuity, no earth leakage and loose connection.

We carry out Portable Appliance Testing and health-check of all lighting equipment.

Service and Maintenance For Speakers and Sound System

Sound System and Speakers required regular service and maintenance too. Having audio visual equipment checked serviced and maintained regularly to ensure it will consistently produces good audio and sound quality.

Although most loudspeakers will give many years of trouble free service, like all things, they can require repair from time to time. Age, moisture, and over-driving them are common reasons for loudspeakers failing and requiring repair.

BSN Auditorium Control Room
Wisma BSN Auditorium Control Room

We carry out general cleaning to remove dust gathered in the equipment rack and the speaker. It is very important to understand that dust will dramatically affect the performance of the speakers itself. From time to time, you can try to use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the dust. This will definitely help to ensure that your speakers are dust-free.

We also clean and check the audio mixer. With vacuum cleaner we removes dust from beneath faders and fans and fans. Ventilation problems can be easily resolved with a good cleaning. In addition, clutter creates a heat hazard that will eventually lead to something burning out.

We carry out inspection of all audio cable in the rack and interconnection loop cable. Cables are one of the most common problems we encounter with faulty sound systems. In our service report we will indicate any suspected problem like cable and equipment gear inspected visually and test. It is best to replace them before you lose sound altogether.

All microphone panel and speaker panel will be inspect and tested for any loose connection for wear and tear. We also inspect and checked the audio conference install on the audience chairs. Once we satisfy with the physical audio servicing we will carry our sound check and sound performance test. Often time sound coverage of all seating is important and sometime we need to realign the speakers if it have moved like in this case the rear speakers.

Service Report

As part of the service and maintenance work we will prepare service report showing the result of the test and sign by our service engineer. The service report will indicate all related photo to servicing before and after if possible. It will also indicate any damaged item that is not affecting the usual of the system but need to be change in coming time. Any visual inspection of damaged or intermittent equipment gear and cable will be shown.

For any comprehensive service contract we will replace the damage item like limit switch, power supply, filters, fuses, battery and even damaged audio connector.

The Service Report is important for big corporate like BSN as it will help the management to decide what to do next in the action. Our servicing and maintenance apart form keeping the AV system running in top performance we also document all the finding and action taken in the report.

It basically presents a breakdown of what has been done subject to the satisfaction of the client.

Normally our service report will consist of service scope of work, activities and section report, picture and photo, challenge and recommendations, feedback/comment.

Service report is important for us as well since we are the appointed service company we will make use of service reports to keep track the improvement of our product or services. This is to ensure that we know what to modify and aim in providing better and quality service.

It will also act as log report should the equipment failed after the maintenance then we can check back what we have carry out. We also have our own internal report filling to keep track of the equipment maintenance. This will index and keep in our service for cross reference.

Contact us to find out more about our AV service and maintenance to your Audio Visual and Stage Lighting equipment.

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