Who Will Wins The DTTB Services In Malaysia?

At the moment we do not know who will win the Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting (DTTB) contract in Malaysia. What we do know is that three companies have submitted their proposed business plans to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for the DTTB infrastructure earlier this month.

The three companies are Redtone Network Sdn Bhd, Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd and i-Media Broadcasting Solutions Sdn Bhd. Either one of them will be awarded to provide the platform for free-to-air broadcasters to migrate from the current analogue system to a digital broadcasting format. This will be expected to roll out in end 2015. Sources for the Star Biz news.

What is DTTB

DTTB or Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting is a type of infrastructure that employs digital broadcasting to transmit TV signals from terrestrial transmission towers to a conventional TV aerial.

What is Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting (DTTB)
What is Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting (DTTB).

This infrastructure will provide the necessary platform for Free-To-Air (FTA) broadcasters to migrate from the current analogue system to a digital broadcasting format. It will also eventually allow for more broadcasters to come on stream to provide more channels over and above those currently available.

The home user simply needs the new set-top box to connect to their TV in order to receive the digital content.

The Benefit of DTTB

The benefits of DTTB broadcasting are clear. Signals transmitted as discrete bits of information improve picture and sound quality and reduce problems such as ghosting and interference that affect viewers in a hilly environment or areas with high-rise buildings. In comparison with analogue broadcasting, digital broadcasting makes more efficient use of the available spectrum.

The benefit of DTTB is it improves reception and picture quality, support the High Definition TV (HDTV), can carry more content in one channel.

For the people, digital terrestrial television means that they will be able to enjoy more television channels, high definition (HD) quality programmes, interactive applications like real-time voting for reality shows, personal video recording, pay-per-view channels, and much more.

This is an interesting development and we are looking to work with partners to come out with more digital green studio setup to create digital content.

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