What Happen to Calvary Convention Centre?

An artist impression of space ship-like Calvary Convention Centre
An artist impression of space ship-like Calvary Convention Centre

What actually happen to the construction of the RM100 million Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) a futuristic looking Convention Centre at Bukit Jalil. The recent news of the problem and delay of the project has appeared in The Stars News Paper recently.

As an outsider we feel that the problem attached with the construction of the convention centre has received unfavorable attention. We love to see this beautiful Calvary Convention Centre completed. As a specialize Light and Sound company there are plenty of design opportunity to propose the stage lighting and sound system to the 5000 seat auditorium and other facilities.

A recent visit to the site at Bukit Jalil we noticed that the project has been temporary stop work and nothing happening there.

In 2006 Calvary Church announced that they have planned to build a new Calvary Convention Centre in Bukit Jalil and was supposed to have been completed by October 2009 but it is now left temporarily abandoned due to the stoppage of work by the Main Contractor since April this year. But recently there has been some financial dispute to the construction of the Calvary Convention Centre added to the delay.

If the project were to proceed as planned and when completed it will have a six-storey multiplex will have total built-up of about 600,000sq ft.

The convention centre will have a sub-dividable auditorium that seats 5,000, a stage with facilities for theatre and musical productions complete with a fly-tower and orchestra pit and backstage facilities that include dressing rooms, lounge, prayer hall and storage space. It will have state of the art audio-visual & multimedia equipment, recording studio, seminar rooms and workshop rooms.

Other components of the complex include educational facilities comprising lecture halls, childcare nursery, and libraries for adults and children.

Other features of the project are a banquet hall, a multi-purpose community and recreational hall, a cafeteria and bookshop, hostel and guest apartments. It will also have a three-level car park.

We are looking forward to the end of the internal problem and the beginning of the Calvary Convention Centre.

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Max Wheatleyreply
January 17, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Hello, firstly I want to say that I love your blog. Great post, I entirely agree with you. Have a good day matey.

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