Sennheiser Asia Launched Wireless Microphone G3 At Renaissance Hotel 12 November 2009

Sennheiser Launched Wireless G3 at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Sennheiser Launched Wireless G3 at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Sennheiser Asia finally launched Evolution Wireless Microphone G3 in Renaissance hotel recently. The theme “You Know You Can” is the new catch phrases. That’s mean the G2 series will be discontinued and will be replaced G3 series. The Sennheiser G3 series offer 100 series, 300 series and 500 series. It is a multichannel system with its bandwidth of 42 Mhz and 1,680 switchable frequencies.

The introduction of evolution wireless G3 (stand for “Generation 3”) is capable of handling any kind of live event. The preset transmission frequencies make the system ready to use immediately. Various microphone systems can be operated simultaneously. The easy set-up application also saves a lot of time when setting up. Other new feature is available like Ethernet port for connecting to the WSM (Wireless Systems Manager), infrared interface for wireless synchronization of transmitters and headphone monitor.

Another highlighted was the new animated instructions for use are available in the sennheiser website: On the website you can find animated instruction for using evolution wireless G3. Online application enables you to simulate a realistic stage situation. You don’t have to carry manual as you can watch it on the website.

Dealers and SI from the sound and AV industry attended the events. With the large crowd they held it in the ballroom with a  well prepared presentation showing all the new features with demonstration on how the new G3 work and for the finally event singer and the band perform the singing using the Sennheiser microphone.

After the show the participants were given a Sennheiser bag with T-shirt and the new G3 catalogue.

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