• Prolyte Seminar Malaysia Roadshow 2019

Prolyte Seminar Malaysia Roadshow 2019

Prolyte PAP Malaysia organized a workshop seminar roadshow recently in Johore, Petaling Jaya and Penang covering topic on Prolyte Structure, StageDex, Prolyft, Admiral and Protos. This workshop was to instill more knowledge base to it dealers around the region.

Prolyte Semnar

The Petaling Jaya session was held on 15th May and led by lead trainer Jasper van der Sluis, Long and Frankey Ng. The new products from Admiral was introduce to include strong girl truss and strong boy truss with castor with brake. Other topics was about the safety aspect of the prolyft hoist and load measuring using protos lad cell.

PROTOS Wireless Force Monitoring Systems

Prolyte have developed a comprehensive range of force monitoring equipment for the entertainment industry. A complete line of wireless and wired daisy chain loadcell shackles ranging from 3.25 to 4.75 Tonnes is available for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the use of IP67 rated enclosures. The shackles are equipped with a unique centralising bobbin for precise measuring of the load. The daisy chain loadcells can be run with up to a 1000 meters of wire and can be used in groups of up to 32 units. The wireless loadcell receivers have a range of up to 800 meters, this can be further extended by 800 meters when using the PROTOS active repeater.

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