Covid-19 Pandemic – An Unprecedented Time For Artistic Controls

The Covid-19 pandemic first hit China affecting the supply chain of many Lighting and Sound equipment supplier and many goods manufactured in the region. It has since hit worldwide across the US and Europe and us in Malaysia. The AV industry in this region has been slowing down and, in some project it was temporarily put on hold until further notice.

Many construction projects have shifted timelines, as sites have either been closed or workers have to follow strict working enforcement.

Non essentials projects related to AV industry is also put on hold or simply delay to a certain time in the future.

Artistic Controls certainly feel the heat as well as many typical audio-visual enquiries is getting lesser. Projects that supposed to start this year has been shelve to next year.

A new norm emerges in the ways of working

Many government sector and corporation has changed the way of working where half of the work force are encouraged to work from home (WFH). This is created a different working experience as the new norm.

Social distance, work from home, zoom meeting has becoming part of our working life. We saw many of this enquiry from customer asking for videoconferencing camera and mic headsets, streaming audio equipment and how to setup virtual teaching space as many are doing remote teaching and eCommerce live.

The use of video conference software platforms such as Zoom and Teams for helping families to see each other through social distancing, has brought videoconferencing into many homes, as a much wider audience embraces online meeting.

Many existing meeting rooms are being equipped with videoconferencing hardware to support Zoom, Teams, Skype and other VC platforms

Many retails are converting their conference centers and events space to large-scale presentations are also making use of video recording, broadcast and streaming to reach remote audiences in this time of social distancing. School and university and education organisations are doing the same.

We Will Come Back Stronger

While we are following strict SOP set up by the government to ensure that the break of COVID-19 cases, we are also preparing ourselves to bounce back stronger. Many of our colleague have to refresh their technical skill or learn new skill. Technical training is essential to stay current in the AV industry, and that is what we are doing in Artistic Controls.

We are participating many Zoom training offer by our manufacturer and supplier and partners.

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