Cable Marker or EC-1 type cable marker is used

Cable Markers

Cable Marker or EC-1 type cable marker is used
Cable Marker or EC-1 type cable marker is used

Cable markers or cable identification is important when implementing your sound and light project. Once your sub contractor pull all the audio, video and signal cable to the rack and the sound mixers and they will usually mark temporary on the cable before our project team step in.

The project team will use the cable marker before they solder the cable with connectors.  Just google cable markers and you will find there are many type of marker in the market. The common one is cable tie identification, label printer, slide on cable marker or EC-1 type cable marker.

Before you do this you must have the approved shop drawing or single line drawing showing each line or the actual cable pulling from the which starting point to the which ending point. Transferring this information to the cable marker will ensure that the cable is fully permanently marked.

Cable tie identification come with integral identification plate make of white nylon which can be mark with indelible marker pens. These identifying ties make it possible to fasten and mark cables in a single operation.

Cable label printer is also commonly use where the information is enters into the handheld printer and the printed label will wrap on the cable.  Cable markers also include thermal transfer labels, thermal transfer ribbons, tags, and wire wraps.

Slide on cable marker is also commonly used for it is easy to use. It is also called colour coded cable markers or EC type cable markers.  It is made from soft PVC and durable that will that will resist oil, grease, acid abrasion and chemicals.

These markers are available in straight & Chevron cut as per international code. It must be fitted before solder connection is made or terminal is attached. It is normally come in 1000pcs and only cost less than RM15 per rolls. You can purchased in any electrical and electronic shop.

The marker will expands to fit various cable diameters and retracts to hold wires firmly in position. The standard comes with yellow body with marking in black ink. Other colour is also available.

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