Self Climbing Hoist

Self Climbing Hoist is the builtin motor hoist installed mainly to raise and lower lighting fixtures. Usually at high level ceiling level studio it is versatile to provides easy and fast access to install and service studio lighting fixtures.

The versatility and ease of installation and use is the ideal solution for high lighting grids and frequent set changes in television studios that require a quick and easy change of lighting sets.

Rigging System

Compact and Easy to Installed At Site

The Self Climbing Hoist incorporates either with lighting pipe or rail, the relevant power outlet and DMX outlet, and a worm geared motor is usually compact in design. This allow it to be easy to install at site as the unit is supplied with premounted rail to which the four wire ropes, the flip-flop power cable tray, and electrical terminal box are already attached to it.

The Self Climbing hoist is also ideal for the raising and lowering of scenery sets and cyclorama lights. The ability to lower the lighting bar to any positions within the set area, increases the efficiency of the studio operations by allowing easy access to the lighting fixtures for aiming, focusing and the handling of the lighting fixtures, This product can be either installed in permanent fixed positions directly to the I-beam sub-structure of the building, or to any supporting grid.

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Case Study : Self Climbing Hoist

Aswara Experimental Theater

ASWARA Theater Upgrade Self Climbing Hoist And Digital Dimmer System.

IPPTAR TV Studio-feature
IPPTAR TV Studio Self Climbing Hoist

The self climbing hoist and the scenery hoist was installed to support green studio.

Rigging System
Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (BTP)

Studio 1 Studio 2 and Auditorium installed with Self Climbing Hoists.

Stage Lighting Concept

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