Electric Chain Hoist & Truss

The  Electric Chain Hoist is designed specifically for the touring, stage and theatre industry, ensuring safe and precise positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, scenery, etc.

It can be used to lift heavier load and ideally for use in the stage and theatre entertainment rigging industry. Electric chain hoists are available in 250kg, 500kg and 1,000kg SWL formats provide various lifting sizes.

Artistic Controls offers quality electric chain hoists from brands that you can trust.  Our products are carefully selected to bring you the most reliable products in the industry.  Models like the Harrington TNER, CM Lodestar, CM Prostar, CM Showpro, R&M Stagemaker, and the Advantage D8 Series.  Chain motors are used in the entertainment industry for rigging in sound, lights and securing truss systems.  You will find stage hoists in theaters, all types of arenas and sporting venues.

Truss Chain hoists for stage technology in use

Depending on the application there are various sizes and designs of truss units available. Most commonly eight triangle or box truss and is used for therter and entertainment. These flexible units come in standard off the various n of 1m, 2m and 3m long units can be saucily built a rectangle, square and to hang curtain lighting and scenery and form an effective stage or rigging.

Since the eighties of the last century the electric chain hoists have got more and more important for the light-, stage- and entertainment industry. If used for simple build ups of trade fairs, the positioning of displays and screens or for the movement of weights during a show

Lighting Truss

Artistic Controls is dealers for the chain hoist and truss and we can supply and install custom design requirement of the truss systems with chain hoist for the stage depending on your requirement regarding load capacity.

We work with different manufacturer of the electric chain hoist and trusses to offer you the best price and fast delivery.

We offers a wide range of design options for onstage electric hoists, front of house lighting hoists and  scenery hoists. The motor with multiple cable lifting drums and diverter pulleys are mounted stationary to the ceiling which is part of theatrical rigging system.

Our mission is simple.  We want to help you find what you are looking for at a competitive price and without hassle.

Contact Us to discuss about your project in Stage Rigging System and Suspension needs.

Case Study : Chain Hoist and Truss

TV Alhijrah Studio
Al Hijrah TV Studio

Installation of trusses with chain hoist for the TV production.

Custom Made Truss
Rekascape Studio Lighting Truss

Motorised hoist for the black box studio with lighting truss. Training is part of the commissioning.

Future University
Future University Sudan

Outdoor custom made lighting truss built from MS Steel. These are rig in the outdoor trusses.

Prolyte Asia Truss Training

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