Conference System

Audio Conference SystemConference system is used widely in the medium to large size meeting room where the chair person can communicate effective with the delegates or the staffs. If you want to link the meeting with another group of people in another meeting room outside the building both group needs to have audio conferencing solution to do conferencing via telephone line.

We can provide with the solution to help you to minimize the non-productive time spent getting to meetings and improve information management, productivity and interpersonal relations. Conference system and audio conferencing solution is part of the communication tools to makes meeting management, project sharing and general collaborative activities more simple and cost effective.

Our Offer and Service for Conference System and Audio Conferencing Solution

We supply and install the followings.

Conference System Solution

bosch-communications systems ccs 900 ultroIf you have a large group of people surrounding the conference table in the meeting room you will need a proper conference system so that when any one of the people talking everyone can hear the voice through the speaker.  The system will consist of chairman microphone unit and delegate microphone units depending on the number of users. The chairperson is able to control the meeting via the chairman set to either allows or disallow any one of the delegates to speak at the same time. It also comes with voting capabilities built in as optional.

Our top recommendation is either the Bosch Conference System or Toa Conference System.  You can get a wired system or wireless system with either RF or infrared type. Call us for demo.

Audio Conferencing Solution

Audio Conferencing allows a group of people in the meeting room to speak to another group of people outside the office via the telephone lines. For the conferencing to work the equipment must have good audio pickup so that everybody at the other end of the phone line can hear you loud and clear. It must have very good echo cancellation so that people the other end will never complaint they can hear their own voice.

You can choose either full duplex or half duplex system for basic setup or more advance setup if you have a large meeting room. We use Polycom Audio Conferencing or ClearOne as our main recommendation to our customer.