Sekolah SJKC Bandar Sri Sendayan

Sound System and Stage Lighting

Sekolah SJKC Bandar Sri Sendayan is a primary school at Bandar Sri Sendayan was built to replace the original Sekolah SJKC Parit Tinggi Kuala Pilah.

Awarded by the developer Juwasan Maju to Artistic Controls to supply and install Stage Curtain, Stage Lighting and Sound Reinforcement System to the Multipurpose Hall.

For this installation Artistic Controls the main FOH centre parting motorised curtain with top masking. The curtain is by JC Joel. A wall mounted control panel install at the stage to allow easy opening and closing of the curtain.

For the Stage Lighting we install 2 nos of Fixed Lighting Barrel and 2 nos of side wall bracket also known as tomento bracket for profile spotlight. Lighting Control Desk is from Zero 88 and all luminaires consist of Profile, Fresnel and cyclorama. A 12 x 10A Dimmer pack install with wall mounted rack near the stage.

Sound Reinforcement System for the multipurpose hall we have to ensure that the sound can reach all corner with audible sound coverage. For this 4 nos of Yamaha 400W full range loudspeaker install high up on the left and right wall is enough to cover the hall and supported by Yamaha subwoofer on the floor. A 12 channel Yamaha mixer is supplied to accept 12 microphone point from the microphone stage box located at the stage.

Apart from the Multipurpose Hall Artistic Controls also supply and install sound system and lighting system at the Auditorium. The installation of the auditorium is slightly different as the room size is different. With room acoustic treatment done we can use less speaker power for the room.