Sekolah Seni Seri Alam Johor Bharu Filled Cloth Cyclorama

Large Cyclorama 14m x 7.5m

The Sekolah Seni (Arts Schools) at Seri Alam in Pasir Gudang Johor Bahru has been installed with large filled cloth cyclorama as the stage backdrop in the auditorium theatre. The size of the cyclorama is 14m x 7.5m and this is by far the largest we have installed in school project.

Here we supplied the JC Joel Filled Cloth flame retardant fabric and fully sew in the UK before flown in for the installation.

The school is part of the Malaysian Ministry of Education to set up Malaysian Arts Schools to teach theatre dance, music, and fine arts to participant students. At the moments they are two schools establishment that is one in Johor Bharu and another one in Sarawak.

JC Joel Filled Cloth is the industry standard for cyclorama used in TV, Film and Theatre and in this case large scale cyclorama. The cloth can come up to 1160cm wide and is used for seamless cloths. The weave is a superb tool for lighting designers as it softens the light.

Four type of color is available that is white, grey, sky blue and natural. In the case of Sekolah Seni Seri Alam they have chosen white colour.

Official Facebook link for Sekolah Seni Johor.