Parcel D Putrajaya Auditorium Upgrade Sound System

Parcel D Putrajaya Block D8 Auditorium upgrade the sound system recently with new line array speaker and a digital sound mixer to replace the existing system which has been in operation for the past 8 years. At the current trend of sound installation line array speaker system and digital mixer is the right choice for the auditorium setup.

The company D Ventures was awarded with the upgrading job as they are the appointed maintenance company to operate and maintain all events pertaining to the ministry for the Parcel D Komplek.

They turn to Artistic Controls as reliable sound installer to redo all audio cabling and to supply and install the sound reinforcements. For this installation Artistic Controls proposed to use G Acoustic line array speaker and a Yamaha digital mixer.

We deliver a total of 12 nos G Acoustic 2 way 8″ dual speaker line array speaker and 4 nos of 18″subwoofer and 4 nos of 12″ stage monitor speaker. The right and left speaker cluster is supported by a chain hoist to hoist up the speaker and tilt the speaker for the optimum coverage. Each cluster consist of 6 nos full range speaker and 2 nos 18″ subwoofer on floor.

Speaker cable Belden 14 AWG was supplied and run above the auditorium ceiling from the control room to the speaker cluster.

The speaker is powered by G Acoustic T3000 Power Amplifier where each power amp has a maximum of 1500W at 8 ohm per channel output.

A Digital Mixer Yamaha QL5 32 channels was installed to complete the sound integration. All microphone cable from the microphone stage box located at stage area to the sound mixer is upgraded with Belden 8760 18 AWG 2 core screen cable.

The speaker processor is a must for setting up room acoustic for optimum sound performance. G Acoustic DC48 digital loudspeaker management processor was used and link up to the Yamaha digital mixer.

For the source we recommended Tascam solid state HDD recorder and Sherwood CD changer.

Overall the installation was perfect and we invited G Acoustic engineer from Germany to come down and commissioning and help to setup the speaker configuration.

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