Zero 88 Chilli Pro 410i Dimmer Rack

The Zero 88 Chilli Pro 410i dimmer come with 4 channels each rated at 10 Amps.

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The Zero 88 Chilli Pro 410i dimmer come with 4 channels each rated at 10 Amps.

Chilli is a range of high density wall mounted convection cooled dimming. Quick to install and set up, easy to operate and maintain; Chilli dimmers are the workhorses of any hard working professional venue.

Chilli Inductive Dimmers are available in 4, 6, 12 and 24 channel dimming packages featuring 10, 16 and 25 Amp load capacities with optional RCD protection contained in a slim line wall mounting enclosure.

The 18 button user interface and backlit LCD screen on each dimmer ensure simple convenient set up for DMX patching, preheat, topset and dimmer curves and for peace of mind, the user interface and all breakers are also protected by a lockable breaker cover.

A choice of responses to DMX failure, backup memories, built in chases and an alarm input trigger complete the versatile Chilli dimming package.


  • 4 Dimming Channels
  • 10 Amps per channel
  • Easy wall installation
  • 100% duty cycle
  • DMX & ChilliNet control inputs
  • Simple User Interface
  • 4 dimmer laws selectable per channel
  • User defined back up memory
  • Preheat per Channel
  • Topset per Channel
  • DMX Addressing per Channel
  • RDM Enabled
  • Automatic frequency tracking
  • MCB per channel
  • Optional incoming supply RCD protection
  • Variable level channel test
  • Built in, switchable, DMX line termination
  • Common service applications need only a screwdriver
  • Convection Cooling

Zero 88