Zero 88 Spice 1210i Dimmer Pack

Zero 88 Spice 1210i is a 12 x 10A high spec dimmer for touring use and it is 19″ rack mounted type.

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Zero 88 Spice 1210i is a 12 x 10A high spec dimmer for touring use and it is 19″ rack mounted type. The spice 1210 dimmer offer professional range of features and ease of use, tough, supply tolerant, 19” 3U rack mounting dimmer designed to offer a professional range of features whilst retaining simplicity, reliability and affordability. Units are supplied complete and ready to use with either Harting or Socapex connectors and a CEEform 32 Amp connector and cable fitted.

It has superb mains supply tolerance and protection, to withstand common mains faults. The faults report the current condition, connection faults, and over-voltage status. Advanced features such as supply reporting make the Spice an extremely capable unit.

Spice dimmers are found hard at work in the demanding environment of production and touring dimming as well as theatre, television and conference applications. When used in permanent installations the ChilliNet connectivity is an added bonus allowing the dimmers to be integrated as part of the architectural control system.

Features :

  • 12 Channels, 10 Amps per channel
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • DMX Address: Addressable per channel
  • Multiple Dimmer Curves, selectable by channel
  • 12 on-board memories and 3 sequences, accessible via ChilliNet
  • Topset & Preheat selectable per channel.
  • Operates on single phase, three-phase star with automatic voltage and frequency tracking.
  • Highly resilient supply protection
  • DMX and ChilliNet Control.
  • Socapex or Harting output options
  • Single pole plus Neutral thermal magnetic circuit breaker per channel
  • Low-noise temperature controlled fans.
  • CEEFORM supply connector with 1.2m cable fitted as standard on multipole versions

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