Amperes CH730 30W Column Speaker

The classic version of CH700 Series comprises of 3 ratings ; 20, 30 and 40W 100V Line has been a rugged performer for decades and are still serving the PA needs, for its clarity.

This product has been discontinued.

Amperes CH730 is a 30W Column Speaker suitable for installation in classroom, hyper market and mosque.

The column speaker is made aluminum die cast housing and look rugged. Available in 15W or 30W 100V tapping, it can cover a mid size room with just a few number of CH730 column speaker.

Features :

  • Ruggedly built from aluminum die cast
  • Half and full power selection

Technical Specification

  • Power Rating : 30W 100V
  • Diameter : 3 x 4″ dual cone speaker
  • Transformer tapping (100V line) : 15W / 30W
  • Grille/Enclosure : Aluminium / Metal Grille
  • Voltage : 230/ 240 AV or 24V DC
  • Frequency Response : 80 Hz – 15 kHz
  • SPL @ 1W / m : 93dB