Zero 88 Release Updated ZerOS 7.9.8 Software

Zero 88 has announced the next major release of its ‘ZerOS’ software platform – ZerOS 7.9.8 – which powers the award-winning FLX and FLX S lighting control consoles, along with the recently announced ZerOS Server.

Included with ZerOS is the latest Zero 88 fixture library. This comprehensive library includes details about colours on fixed wheels, gobo images and position information enabling ZerOS consoles to present a unified set of controls, regardless of the fixture being controlled.

The new feature is ‘ZerOS Library’ – an all-new library which doubles the amount of fixture personalities available to Zero 88 users, and includes extensive gobo libraries, additional fixture macros and much more detail about each fixture’s parameters.

Phantom ZerOS 7.9.8 is an offline editor for the ZerOS consoles and provides full desk functionality from a standard Windows PC. Show files can be loaded from USB, manipulated using the standard desk controls and then re-saved as required. With the purchase of an unlock dongle, Phantom ZerOS can also be unlocked as a tracking backup solution to the main desk.

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