Zero 88 Jester ML Operating Software 3.0

Zero 88 Jester ML24 with Operating Software 3.0
Zero 88 Jester ML24 with Operating Software 3.0

Zero 88 has released JesterML Operating Software version 3.0 for the Jester ML series and Jester TL for quite some time since December 2009. Release 3.0 adds MIDI Show Control functionality, support for Inverse channels, plus a number of other improvements.

Recently we have the chance to upload the release 3.0 software to one of Jester ML24 console before deliver to our customer. The old version was 2.3 and after upgraded we can really see different in the console.  The older version only show 3 lines of display in the LCD display and after installing the release 3.0 we can see more lines display which is helpful and other features like assign fixtures in setup mode uses MFKs button to select fixtures library. It is important to keep the Jester ML console up to date as often software is available as it has new features as well as critical update for the console.

How to upload new software?

To perform a software update on the jester ML, first download the file form the Zero 88 support website and unzip it to the root directory on a USB memory stock. The USB Memory Stick must contain the .JOS file and .JOH file (the help files).

Next boot the Jester ML with the memory stick in the USB port and hold down the left and right cursor buttons before turn ON the power to the console. The update will begin almost immediately (about after a few second depending to the memory stick size) and you can see the instruction appear on the LCD display.  The Upgrade Menu will appear on the LCD and the monitor screen if you plug in.

Follow the instruction process as shown and you will that it is quite easy to follow. After the update is complete you can remove the memory stick and the desk will load the new software.

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