Will Fibre Optics coming to home

Most of the houses or offices will have at least one jack for telephone line and one jack for network line.  How about having one more jack in the house for fibre optics cable to hook up to high speed broadband. Fibre optics has been widely used in industrial and AV system for faster signal loss free data transmission. If this technology is installed in every house you can plug in to watch high definition movie or do life-like video conference instead of just voice.

While the existing wall jacks will remain in place the new fibre optic link will open up a world of offerings via new high speed broadband. Each fibre optics cable no thicker than a piece of thread has the capacity to deliver services such as phone calls, high-definition TV programme and internet access.

So far for the high-definition TV programme only Astro Malaysia has launched the new Sattelite Transmission B yond offering pay services to watch HD content.

Fibre optic cable which uses light signals to transmit data can transfer up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) whereas copper cable which uses electrical pulses to transmit data can transfer maximun up to 100Mbps. Currently TM Streamyx using copper telephone line offer up to 4Mbps packages.

Whether it can be implemented in Malaysia is remain unknown but Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan has started installing fibre optics in the housing area.

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May 22, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Copper was used starting with the first toplehene wires invented by Graham Bell. It takes nano-meter adjusted highly reflective materials, and precise laser beams in order to transmit data via fiber optics.It’s obvious, with the above knowledge, that the extra effort, money and technology must be worth it. And it really is. A good fiber optics network can work at speeds up to 6x of those using copper-based wires, and over much longer distances. ( without repeating )Why would so many bet on copper infrastructure? Fiber optics use light beams, and we all know that light is the fastest there is. Copper wires use electric field, which travels slower than light ( duuh ) and is, as such, slower by default. When you add the fact that the fiber optics cable is comprised of hundreds if not thousands of individual fibers, you further multiply the difference.Summary :No, definitely not. It is against common sense, even for a layman.Best of luck!VA:F [1.9.16_1159](from 0 votes)

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