Unity College Auditorium

Unity College International (U.C.I) Auditorium Sound System


Unity College International Auditorium
Unity College International Auditorium

Unity College International (U.C.I) which provides international school courses has moved to their new building in Jalan 51A/223, near to Crystal Plaza PJ.  Their existing building in Bangunan Sri Kemajuan PKNS is already congested with many students. The new building which houses an Auditorium and a Multipurpose Hall and administration floor and tutorial classes is a 5 storey building.

AV Designs was asked to come out with sound system design and to provide audio visual system for the multipurpose hall and the Auditorium. Together with us and based on the UCI concept to have a clear sound and loaded with bass when need, we have come out with the design that the sound system in Multipurpose Hall will consist of high quality ceiling speakers for source playback and speeches for event like exhibition, student registration and exam hall. But should they would like to use the hall for prom night or dinner with dance nite then they will bring out the mobile sets which is powered Dynacord D-Lite 15” Subwoofer and the 12” satellite speaker sets.  The total output power is 2000W enough to rock the hall.

At the 5th Floor Auditorium which have a much higher room space then a permanent mounted EV Klub 15” Loudspeaker and 18” subwoofer was put there.  The sound has to be able to use for multimedia presentation and speeches.  A Sanyo LCD projector and motorized screen is mounted here.

The auditorium stage lighting consist of a number of profiles spotlight and and general parcan mounted on the fixed rigging. The lighting is enough to spot on the stage and they does want any fancy lighting as the stage will mainly use for seminar and presentation. The controller is by Zero 88 control desk and Zero 88 dimmer pack.

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