What is the difference between Audio and Sound

There are many times people don’t understand the difference between the two audible notions that is Audio and Sound. The distinction between the two terms is important, though the terms are considered interchangeable in many professional circles

As an audio equipment installer and supplier the terms Sound and Audio are interchangeable is our application. It might be helpful to explain the difference in some simple terms to help to understand professionally in the fields when using microphones and other sound/audio equipment.

What is Sound

Sound is a mechanical vibration that passes through a medium such as gas, liquid or solid to become a sound. Sound is made up of frequencies, some of which we can hear while others we can’t. Sound is technically defined as a mechanical disturbance traveling through an elastic medium.

In another words, sound is a more generic word and can be caused by any sound source (voice, musical instrument, loudspeaker, headphones, etc.) through the air and reaches our ears in order for us to hear it.

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). One way sound is measured is with a sound level meter.
This device has a microphone connected to an electronic circuit and display. It picks up the amount that air particles are being “pushed around,” which we perceive as sound.

What is Audio

Audio is a term used to describe any sound or noise that is within a range the human ear is capable of hearing. In another words, audio is anything audible that has been produced, recorded or processed by something electronic or digital.

Audio can be used to refer to two things: an electric signal representing sound or an audible sound. The first definition is used to explain noise or sound that has been digitally recorded on electrical equipment. The second definition of audio refers to an audible sound, which means it can be heard by a human.

Measured in hertz, the audio signal on a computer is generated using a sound card and is heard through speakers or headphones.

Sound System

A sound system is a correct set of audio equipment for the reproduction and amplification of sound to cover the area. The sound system may be refer to

  • Sound reinforcement system, a system for amplifying audio for an audience
  • HiFi – High fidelity, a sound system intended for accurate reproduction of music in the home
  • Public address system, an institutional speech-reinforcement or public safety announcement system
  • Home stereo, a compact sound system for personal use

In our design of sound system we will always refer to designing a sound reinforcement system which is the combination of a number of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers in enclosures all controlled by a mixing console that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience.

We first study the given space or venue and the surrounding like the wall with or without acoustic covering, carpet and type of ceiling then from there we come out with a sets of microphone sets, audio equipment and loudspeaker to reproduce the desired sound system suitable for the the space events and functions.

Audio System

Audio system is set of audio equipment like the source equipment, the processor equipment and the loudspeakers as output. The source is where the electronic audio signal is generated and playback like the CD player. The processing section is where the signal is manipulated. For our purposes, we will include the amplifiers in this section.

At Artistic Controls being dealers and distributors of the audio equipment we can recommend the correct sets of audio equipment for your application or if you know what you want then we can supply it.

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