Regularly Maintain Public Address System in the Building

Regurlary Maintaining PA System

Public Address System or PA system is an important component for public announcement and back ground music in public area, hotels, school and commercial building. The heart of the system where it consists of amplifiers and mixer mounted in the equipment rack will usually located in the fire control room. Should there be any fire breakout or emergency evacuation process the announcement will be made in the fire control room to advice public of what is happening.

Usually even when the power cut on the main electricity the PA system will still able to function because of the built in battery backup. In the standby mode it will have enough backup to last for two hours and when use in full capacity it will last for at least 30 minutes. That will be the requirement for the building management to always ensure that the system will work properly by periodically maintain and test the system.

The best way to test the Public Address System is to play recorded music over the zones speakers. Usually the zones speaker consists of ceiling speakers in public area and box speakers located at the staircase will be heard easily in any corner. By walking to each zone and make sure the play back music can be hear properly and understood.

The public address system should be maintained regularly without fail as the downtime will be risky when emergency arises. The dust and the wear and tear and heat generated by the amplifier will cause electronic to deteriorate easily. Periodically maintenance in cleaning and checking the connection will ensure the system working properly.

It will be good to engage the public address company to maintain system. They are the best adviser and they usually have spare parts available. Apart from the regularly carry out the maintenance schedule they are also able to provide a test report on the PA system functionality every year to ensure the system work even during the emergency/critical time.

The maintenance cost will be lower if done regularly when compare to one time repair when the system is not working.

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Mohamad Norezham Hamzahreply
January 2, 2014 at 11:22 am

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berminat dengan produl spt amperes atau bosch.

harap pihak tuan dapat menghubungi saya tel-0134157899(Ezham) untuk perbincangan lanjut.

sekian terima kasih.

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