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Stage Curtain System and Cyclorama

For auditorium, ballroom and multipurpose hall that require stage curtain or cyclorama then we can help you with supply, custom sewing and installation. We are not the curtain manufacturer but we are the distributor and supplier for J&C Joel and with our experience installer we will provide complete stage curtain installation for you.

J&C Joel has been in the curtain manufacturer for over 30 years supplying theatrical drapes to all kinds of venues, large and small. We will import the curtain and sewing it here locally for your school hall, black box theatre, stage cyclorama or a grand auditorium. We will take measurement of the stage proscenium for quotation purposes and installation.

Stage Curtain Center Parting Traveller

Picture from J&C Joel – Traveller or bi-parting curtain

Stage Curtain Festoon

Austrian or Festoon curtain

Currently we offer motorized stage curtain for bi-parting type with two panels with a 3-foot center overlap, festoon type (also known as Austrian Curtain) and cyclorama. We can also offer manual stage curtain if the stage opening is not too high. The curtain system will include heavy duty track and bracket for leg and border curtain. All the curtain is NDFR which Non-Durable Flame Retardant and DFR (durable flame retardant) type.

Our price is competitive to meet different requirements for industry applications like school and government and private building.  Our goal is to provide stage curtain and cyclorama solution with the good products and services to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our Offer and Service for Stage Curtain System

We supply and install the followings.

  • Bi-Parting Curtain (Traveller Curtain) With Motorized System
  • Festoon Curtain (Austrian Curtain) with Motorised system
  • Leg and top masking curtain
  • Backdrop and Cyclorama
  • General custom made stage curtain requirement

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