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Public Address SystemPublic Address System or PA system is an important component for any buildings, schools and office. It main purpose is for public announcement, back ground music and the most important is for emergency evacuation system.  The PA system should not confuse with the sound system as the sound system are for live music, whereas PA system are reproduction of recorded music and speech in buildings and institutions.

Simple PA system is often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. For Public Announcement that require a larger number of speakers are widely used in institutional and commercial buildings for announcements or fire evacuation purposes.

Artistic Controls is the supplier and system integrator for Public Address System for the past 14 years providing PA solution to government building, educational institution, churches and commercial building like shopping malls.

We represent reputable PA brand like Amperes Electronics, Toa System and Bosch Public Address System. These are the reliable manufacturer that produces complete range of PA equipment that consists of mixer, amplifier and ceiling speakers. Whether your requirement is a Matrix PA System, Digital PA System or a conventional system we will be able to offer our service to your PA need.

We provide installation at competitive price to meet different requirements for industry applications. Our goal is to provide innovative products and services, which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Offer and Service for Public Address System

We provide installation and commissioning for the followings.

  • PA system for house of worship, mosque, church
  • Public Address System for public building, educational building, commercial building
  • Fire evacuation and announcement system for Bomba requirement
  • General back ground music (bgm) and pipe in sound and music for bar, restaurant and entertainment outlet

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