University Malaya Dewan Tunku Canselor

University Malaya Dewan Tunku CanselorUniversity of Malaya (UM) Dewan Tunku Canselor has recently upgraded their Lighting Control Desk to ADB Mentor 240. They have been using other control desk for some time and until recently they have decided to upgrade to a more advance lighting desk purely for performance.

ADB Mentor 240 control desk installed in Dewan Tunku CanselorADB Mentor 240 was their first choice as the desk offer portable and easy to use. It also comes with the stable ISIS software that provides flexible operation. The desk can interface with the dimmer system and their existing moving head lighting via a second DMX output.

Training was conducted to the UM staff on how to set up the lighting scene and controlling moving head. Afford was made to learn how to create the definition for the older moving head and store in the desk. The library will only have the latest data for other manufacturer moving head and for the existing or older one they need to configure it in the library. It is not difficult to do as they found out after the training.

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