UiTM FSKM Auditorium Shah Alam Upgraded the Sound and Projection System

FSKM UiTM Shah Alam

FSKM UiTM Shah Alam

Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam (UiTM) has been aggressively upgrading their faculty facilities to provide greater user experience for the students. One of the recently upgraded is the auditorium from Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (FSKM), Universiti Teknologi MARA.

The upgrading includes the sound and  projection system and upgrade the belden cabling for all line. The existing audio visual equipment will be transfer to other unit for their use. The sound system consists of Dynacord CMS1600 mixer with Crown Amplifier CTS series to drive JBL SRX712 speakers.

The subwoofer and the ceiling speaker is also from JBL brand to maintain the audio performances. The speaker management is by Dbx DriveRack PA which is a 2 inputs and 3 outputs processor excellent to provide a decent crossover and high SPL boost at the crossover point. For the room equalization we use the Dbx 231 EQ to tune the room sound to the best level and cut the feedback to non-existing.

FSKM Auditorium

FSKM Auditorium

The FSKM team has indicated that they would like to use the Sony projector and we comply to their requirement by offering the Sony PLC-XM150. The unit is a 6000 Ansi Lumen LCD projector installed on fixed bracket. The image is projected to the Draper 12’ x 9’ motorised screen. The Draper screen was chosen because of it quietness and low noise when the screen is up or down. A Crosspoint 8×8 by Extron was used to select any input to any output to the projector and 4 nos of LCD TV mounted on location across the auditorium and at the Lobby area The Lambang Najib.

From here the Lambang Najib an AV feed cable was pulled to provide audio and video and computer feed to the adjacent hall and the lobby area. Because of long distance we choose the Belden high quality cable for all our cabling works.

We work closely with the appointed contractor Padu Tiga who was awarded with the contract to ensure high performances is achieve through proper design and execution. The operator for the hall was quite happy with the system and appreciates our extra time to properly train them on the operation.

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