Bernama New HD Studio With LED Studio Lighting

Bernama News Studio

Bernama News Studio

Bernama TV recently upgraded the news studio 3 to a full HD Broadcast for news broadcasting. The studio is located at the ground floor Bernama Malaysia and equips with HD camera and broadcast equipment with studio lighting and cyclorama curtain.

In this project we work closely with QuickMedia Engineering Services and VME Broadcast to supply and install the LED studio lighting as well as Lighting Grid system and black and white cyclorama curtain for backdrop.

Bernama Studio LED Lighting

Bernama Studio LED Lighting

The studio size is about 7m by 10m and was treated with acoustic treatment to all four walls and ceiling and painted black. In the HD installation the lighting and the camera play the important role to capture the vibrant color of the object in full details. To allow proper lighting distribution the lighting grid was designed with 4’x 4’ square with fixed barrel and complete with 48 nos electrical lighting CEE 17 socket outlet. The DMX panel was installed around the studio to allow any spotlight to be hook up to the lighting desk.

Studio Lighting

The studio lighting consist of Brightcast LED 16”LED panel and 24” LED panel and ARRI L7-T LED Fresnel Spotlight. The Brightcast LED panel can vary the color temperature from 3200K to 5600K thus able to produce between tungsten and daylight light. These color temperature can be adjusted from on-board dial or via DMX lighting control desk. Equip with barndoor, brightcast panel is excellent for studio broadcast lighting.

Acting as filled light the Arri L7-T which is a truly LED Fresnel fixture producing 3200K tungsten color temperature is hanged at the side bar. The Arri L7-T is a direct replacement of conventional Fresnel spotlight. It comes with ability to focus from spot to flood and a smooth homogenous light field. The light emitting from L7-T is specially calibrated for optimum reproduction on broadcast for skin tones and rendered colors.

To control all these lighting is via Zero 88 Jester 48 programmable lighting control desk.  Jester lighting controller have features like submaster control and memory grouping for setting up the key lighting with back and filled light.

For the cyclorama a double curtain track with JC Joel white and black wool act as cyclorama back drop.

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  1. Johan says:

    Nice installation you have there. Can you design a small studio lighting for IPTV with a low budget?


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