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Zero 88 Rack 6 Portable Dimmer Pack

Zero 88 Rack 6 Portable Dimmer

The Zero 88 Rack 6 is an economical choice for those wanting a rack mount DMX dimmer. Housed in a compact 2U unit the Rack 6 offers users 6 x  10 amp circuits of dimming control. Using the latest electronic and electrical designs the Rack 6 offers real value for money. All operator controls are available through a simple, intuitive interface.

Offering 12 memories, a preheat per channel, three dimmer curves and ChilliNet compatibility, these dimmers offer users a sophistication not usually found in a dimming products in this price range.

The Zero 88 Rack 6 dimming range is ideal for a wide variety of uses from permanent installations to mobile dimming.


  • 3 Dimmer curves
  • 12 Memories
  • Preheat per channel
  • Socket options
  • 6×10 Amps
  • ChilliNet compatibility
  • RDM Enabled

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Quick Facts :

  • Dimensions: 88mm(H) x 483mm(W) x 360mm(D)
  • Weight: 8.0Kg

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For more information visit Zero 88 Rack 6 Website.