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Zero 88 ORB Lighting Control Desk

Zero 88 ORB Lighting Control Desk

Zero 88 ORB has been designed for 21st century theatrical lighting control. Extensive market research and customer feedback has driven the design of the Orb.

The 2048 DMX control channels offered by the Zero 88 Orb allows users to control multiple LED fittings, intelligent lights or media servers controlling video, as well as the standard generic dimming systems common to theatres and television. All of these devices are programmed through intuitive user interfaces incorporating custom designed encoder wheels, multiple playback stacks, user definable keys and optional touch screens.

The graphical user interface on the dual monitors provides tools to allow anyone to quickly select and program colours via the colour picker or gobos via the gobo image display. User definable screen views mean operators can set the graphical user interface up to meet their own specific needs.

The power of the ZerOS system allows users of the Zero 88 ORB to make dynamic ‘on the fly’ changes to a show, provides advanced tracking updates and enables the creation of powerful effects via the intuitive effects engine with over 40 effect foundations to build on.

There are 1000 cue stacks of 1000 cues and two theatre style playback masters adding conventional A/B crossfading for users preferring this operating methodology.

Features :

  • 2048 Control Channels, fully patchable to 4 DMX Universes. Output via 5 Pin XLR and Ethernet
  • Optional upgrade to 4096 control channels (8 universes) available
  • 1000 Cue Stacks
  • 1000 Cues per Stack
  • 2 Playback Master faders
  • Go Button playback
  • Fully customisable effects engine
  • 1000 each of Colour, Beamshape, Position and Effect Palettes
  • Integrated colour picker
  • 1000 Fixture groups
  • Auto palettes, groups and fixture macros
  • 1000 User Definable Macros
  • RDM Ready
  • 4 Onboard USB ports for software updates, show backups and connection of accessories
  • 2 x XGA monitor outputs
  • Onboard fixture library
  • Move on Dark
  • Familiar Command Line interface
  • Integrated Trackball for precise moving light control
  • Support for remote control through handheld devices and remote monitors
  • Tracking Backup over Ethernet
  • 10 Playback Masters assignable as Cue stacks or Submasters
  • 600 submasters (30 x 20 pages) via DMX In

Downloads :

Quick Facts :

  • Dimensions : 1000mm(W) x 462mm(D) x 201mm(H)
  • Weight: 20Kg