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Zero 88 Light Factory

Unique and powerful PC based lighting control system.

Zero 88 Light Factory has been designed to allow any lighting engineer, operator or designer to purchase an affordable, extremely reliable lighting controller which they can become completely familiar with and that works in every situation.

Its portability and familiar user interface make it perfect for use on a Laptop PC. The system is fully expandable, giving an upgrade path from a single DMX universe up to 100 universes as your system grows. Support for LED fixtures, moving heads and generic dimmers is built in and fixtures can be combined to create matrices which can be mapped to video, still images or motion paths.

Light Factory ships with all you need; a CD with software, a USB dongle to allow DMX transmission and a licence. Set up is simple, turning any modern PC into a powerful lighting console.

  • Scalable software system from 1 universe (512 channels) up to
  • 100 universes
  • Fully featured software including colour pickers, gobo pickers and multiple cue lists
  • Intuitive Windows driven software just like using Excel or Word
  • Multiple output protocols (Art-Net / Pathport / Zero Wire)
  • Palettes, Shortcuts, Submasters, etc
  • Visualiser connectivity
  • 10,000 shortcuts providing instant access to any effect, palette or cue
  • Playback unlimited effects simultaneously
  • Music, MIDI and Timecode triggers
  • 5 different effects engines
  • Large scale LED/Matrix wall effects
  • Multi touch screen ready for real on-the-fly control
  • User level access to prevent show and setup tampering
  • Multiple theatrical cue stacks
  • Simple and affordable upgrade paths to more universes
  • Interface builder tool to create and deploy customised user interfaces for installations
  • RDM Support
Zero 88 Light Factory