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Yamaha MG24/14FX Sound Mixer

Yamaha MG24/14FX Mixing Console

The Yamaha MG24/14FX is a 24-input mixer suitable for serious live sound applications in which a substantial number of sources must be handled efficiently. The MG24/14FX also feature dual Yamaha SPX effect processors built in, so you have everything you need for great sound right in the console. A comprehensive complement of auxiliary and group buses provides extensive mixing and signal routing versatility.


  • 16 mono inputs and 4 stereo inputs
  • Top quality microphone preamplifiers with switchable phantom power
  • Insert I/O patch points on mono input channels as well as the stereo and group buses
  • Mid-sweep 3-band mono channel EQ, 4-band stereo channel EQ
  • Ample sends and returns for monitoring and external effects
  • Dual Yamaha SPX digital signal processors provide a selection of 16 advances digital effects
  • Reliable XLR output connectors
  • 12-segment level meters
  • Illuminated switches for high visibility
  • Talkback microphone input for convenient communication

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Quick Facts :

  • Dimensions : 819mm(w) x 140mm(h) x 551mm(d)
  • Weight : 18.5kg

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