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ADB Mikapack 30 Dimmer Pack

ADB Mikapack 30

ADB Mikapack 30 is a 12 x 3 kW all-digital dimmer pack combining the performances and the reliability of a professional dimmer at a very competitive price. Designed for decentralized dimming, in fixed installation, touring, in stage, TV studio and architectural lighting. ADB Mikapack 30 come with standard European outlets and come with 1.5m power supply – 5 x 4 mm2┬ácable or screw on terminal strip.

Main Features :

  • 4 control buttons, 2 x 8 character LCD display and user friendly menu for easy access to all dimmer functions.
  • Auxiliary Input on DE09-S connector (9 female contacts) for remote control of the memories (up to 4 memories).
  • First dimmer address selection.
  • Local test of a dimmer (steady or chaser).
  • 6 pre-programmed chasers with 6 intensity levels.
  • Patch selectable per dimmer.
  • 9 dimmer laws selectable per dimmer + 1 user programmable law.
  • Preheat selectable per dimmer.
  • Maximum dimmer levels selectable per dimmer.
  • Storage of 16 lighting cues.
  • Last lighting cue maintained in case of DMX signal interruption or loss. (cue, last DMX values or fading out).
  • Return to factory default values.
  • User customization of menu items.

Downloads :

Quick Facts :

  • Dimensions: 440mm(W) x 355mm(D) x 132mm(H)
  • Weight: 15Kg