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ADB Mikado Lighting Control Desk

ADB Mikado Control Desk

ADB Mikado is 12 channels 2 preset or 24 channels extended mode can be used to create scenes and chases and store in submaster or memory. Suitable for school or for simple and fast setup application.

Main Features :

  • 2 faders in 2-preset mode or 24 faders in extended mode, each with flash button and LED indicator.
  • 3 pages of memories with 12 submaster faders per page = 36 memories.
  • A submaster can be either a memory or a chaser and up to 13 memories/chasers can run simultaneously.
  • 3 preset masters – A preset, B preset and grab.
  • Add/Solo button with flash level master.
  • Edit and preview of stored memories with channel level indicators.
  • Manual and automatic dipless crossfade.
  • Speed control of chasers.
  • Chaser effects including Start/Stop/Step, random, bounce, single shot, forward/reverse direction, delete/add steps.
  • Audio input with bass effect for chasers and audio level adjustment.
  • External line input on 1/4” mono jack for remote control of chasers.
  • 1 DMX512/1990 output on XLR-5F connector.
  • Internal power supply unit.

Downloads :