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ADB DS105 1.2kW Zoom Profile

ADB DS105 15°-31°  Zoom Profile Spotlight is 1200W 15° – 31° Condenser Optics  Zoom Profile Spotlight with 2 zoom lenses c/w T29 1200w 3000 degree Kelvin GX9.5 400 Hrs lamp.

The EUROPE range of professional spotlights is designed around high level optics which maximize the light efficiency and provide an exceptionally high quality of light. Comparative tests will particularly highlight these parameters. A front cassette allows one-hand insertion of a color frame and any DIN 15560 accessory. These spotlights are able to rebalance in any position by sliding the yoke along 2 slots provided over the full length of the unit. The yoke can be adjusted to a low or high position, a useful facility when space is limited. The tiltlock mechanism is easy and comfortable. Professional mechanical design, rugged and modular construction from injected and extruded aluminium, anticorrosion treatment of all metal components and high quality finish guarantee reliable operation over a very long lifetime. In addition to meeting current international safety standards, these spotlights provide several additional features which make them very safe to operate.

At 15° and 10m distance the light level is 2,600 lux and at 31° and 10 meter distance the light output level is 900 lux. Based on 1200W lamp.

  • 2 zoom lenses and condenser optics
  • GX 9.5 lampholder
  • Set of 4 beam shaping shutters with heat insulated handles
  • 2 m power supply cable (2 x 1.5 + 1.5 mm2) without plug
  • 1 metal filter frame (185 x 185 mm)
  • CP90 1.2kW 3200°K 230V GX9.5 Base 200 Hours Life Lamp or
  • CP70 1kW 3200°K 230V GX9.5 Base 200 Hours Life Lamp
  • Doughty T20101 Standard Hook Clamp (50mm)
  • Doughty T22000 Safety Chain Single Ended
  • Dimensions : 710 x 340 x 420 mm
  • Weight : 14 kg
ADB DS105 1.2kW Zoom Profile