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ADB Domino 96 XT Lighting Control Desk

ADB Domino 96 XT Control Desk

ADB Domino 96 XT is 48 channels 2 preset or 96 channels in extended mode can be used to create scenes and chases and store in submaster or memory. Retro fit module for controlling moving lights can be added into this model.

For version Domino 96 XT M the moving lights module come as standard. Suitable for large playback requirement and mid to large sized auditorium.

Main Features :

  • 48 faders in 2-preset mode or 96 faders in extended mode
  • 48 faders configurable as channels, submasters or playbacks
  • Theatrical dipless crossfade with 2 general masters, stage and preset, and dedicated buttons.
  • Minimum of 500 theatrical memories to easily create and modify theatrical playbacks.
  • Individual In (Up) and Out (Down) fade times for each memory and for each submaster.
  • 594 Submasters, 594 Chasers and Up to 250 steps per Chaser can be recorded as Channels, Memory or Snapshot of the output.
  • Flash/Assign pushbuttons with LED for each of the 96 faders
  • LED display showing status information via scrolling messages.
  • For Controlling Moving Lights use Domino 96 XT M model. Able to control up to 128 Moving Lights.
  • 1 x SVGA output and 1 x USB output
  • 2 x Physical DMX512/1990 output on XLR-5F connector.

Downloads :

Quick Facts :

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) : 974 x 535 x 144 mm
  • Weights : 26.0 kg