How to save on your electricity bill

The lighting bills for your outdoor house need not to be high. But trying to save electricity apart switching when not in used is not that difficult. Here are some tips :

1) Install motion-activated sensor lights that turn on when there is movement in the area as to regular outfoor floodlights that are constantly switching on and consuming your electricity.

2) Consider using low voltage lights or even solar lights to provide outdorr accent lighting.

3) Energy saving bulbs are plenty selling in the store and consider buying them will help the bills a bit.

4) LED outdoor lighting is an alternative choice to provide accent lighting around your house.

5) Modern solar lights stay lit for hours and since they have no wires connected them, they are adpatable for your landscape.

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  1. I have posted these energy saving techniques for my customers and I have received a good deal of postiive comments!

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